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   NANJING SENHE PAPER PRODUCTS CO. LTD.is a professional manufacturer of various kinds of release paper.The company is located in Jiangsu Provincial Development Zone, Nanjing Jiangning Binjiang Economic Development Zone. The whole development zone is about 70 square kilometers, located in Jiangning district of Nanjing city, to the west of the golden waterway of the Yangtze River, and is about 30 kilometers from the Lukou International Airport of Nanjing. With the Nanjing bridges, THE NATIONAL ROAD NO. 205, Ningma highway and Ningxia Railway passing through the district, the development zone has very convenient transportation network. With the 21.5 kms length of golden river line of the Yangtze River, the development zone also has very beautiful scenery and pleasant environment.

The company is about 12000 square meters, with the modern standard workshop of 10000 square meters. The company is taking one-step forming coating technology, also has international advanced mature silicone grinding formula, fully enclosed disinfection workshop and working environment, strict working ...[MORE]

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ADDRESS£ºNanjing City Eagle Binjiang Road Economic Development Zone No. 69  ZIP CODE£º210000
Tel£º025-84950601 Fax£º025-58877292 Website£ºhttp://www.
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